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Vive Atacama Travel Agency, it's a tourism agency situated in the centre of San Pedro de Atacama which concern is to bring the best service, best quality and safety to our clients. For this, we have designed, very carefully, each of the routes of the different tours.

Another objective is provide, to our passengers, the most pleasant experience of their lives, not only bringing to them maximum comfort and tranquility but creating bonds with the rest of the passengers.

Vive Atacama invites you to know the most beautiful and arid desert of the planet. Come to know its lagoons, volcanoes, salt deposits, salt sculptures, thermal baths, geysers, magic landscape valleys and all surrounded by a unique vegetation and amazing animals adapted to this incredible place. ¡Come to experience the magic and peace of this mystic place! ¡You don't regret! 



The Pan de Azucar National Park, sits on a strange territory: is arid, but is fed by moisture from the sea spray.

The former saltpeter works of Hemberstone (next to Santa Laura) are the current remains of a glorious past, in the early twentieth century.


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