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High Plateau Lagoons


07:00 am- 2:15pm

We'll start our trip visiting the small and quaint village called Toconao. In this village we will see its typical crafts, made of volcanic stones, cactus wood and LLama wool (a very common animal of the zone). We'll have the opportunity to see that most of its houses were built in liparita volcanic stones, including its old and beautiful church which was constructed in the Spanish colonization time in 1750. We'll continue our travel towards the inside part of the Atacama salt deposit until arrive to the Chaxa lagoon. Here we are going to travel across the lagoon and we'll see beautiful flamingoes and, also, we'll find the micro organic life which permits the subsistence of many insects, reptiles and birds.


We're going to continue our trip ascending the Andes until to get at 4,200 m. above sea level. Here we'll appreciate how the majestic Miscanti and Meñiques lagoons appear on the top of the cordillera surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. You will see a variety of animals like the vicuñas, foxes, rheas, vizcachas, flamingoes and ducks. After resting for a while and admire these natural wonders, we're going to go back to Socaire (a small village) we can see there the legacy of Incas in agriculture. Finally, we're going to go down the cordillera until to arrive to San Pedro


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End: 2:15 pm

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Vive Atacama - Llama


The Pan de Azucar National Park, sits on a strange territory: is arid, but is fed by moisture from the sea spray.

The former saltpeter works of Hemberstone (next to Santa Laura) are the current remains of a glorious past, in the early twentieth century.


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