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Touristic Programs in San Pedro de Atacama

We offer complete travel program that allows you to experience the best of San Pedro de Atacama, highlighting the Valley of the Moon, Puritama, Salar de Atacama, Tatio Geysers, among other attractions will fascinate.

Next we will put at your disposal all our tours so choose what interests you.


4 days in Argentina, between 14/8 to 17/8

This journey is about getting to know the Northem Andean Argentinian culture, visiting the little village of Casabindo, where "La Vincha de los Toros" takes place, a traditional in honor to the Virgin of Assumption, un wich the animal doesn't suffer any abuse, it consist in the hability of the local bullfighter, to take out, from the horns, a red tissue decorated with silver coins and after that offering it to the Virgin. All this comes with tipical dances, costumes and a party vibe like nowhere else!

High Plateau Lagoons

We'll start our trip visiting the small and quaint village called Toconao.

Death Valley and Moon Valley

Just a few kilometers of San Pedro de Atacama located in the Salt Mountain Range they find the Death Valley and the Moon Valley. Both of them part of The  Flamingos Natural Reserve.

Tatio Geiser + Machuca Village

Geothermic field located at 90 kilometers of San Pedro de Atacama and at 4,320m above sea level.

Puritama Thermal Baths

They are located at 30 km of San Pedro de Atacama and at 3,050m above sea level. 

Tara + The Pakana Monks.

At 4,870m above sea level and near to the frontier with Argentina and Bolivia, it finds the Tara salt deposit.

Rainbow Valley and Petroglyph

Our travel begins ascending the Domeiko Mountain Range. During the trip we'll enjoy the fabulous spectacle that the guanacos (typical animal of the zone) offer to us with the majestic scenery that surrounds us.

Vive Atacama - Llama


The Pan de Azucar National Park, sits on a strange territory: is arid, but is fed by moisture from the sea spray.

The former saltpeter works of Hemberstone (next to Santa Laura) are the current remains of a glorious past, in the early twentieth century.


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